Where it all began

Sustainabags came about in May 2020. The year of 2020 hit us all pretty hard with some major challenges and a time of uncertainty. At the time I had lost my job (like many others) and during lockdown, we had time (a lot more) to do things we've always wanted to and started thinking of ideas of how we could create our own business that created a positive impact on the world, helped the environment and to support local Aussies and small business.

During the peak of Covid, I was lucky to have gotten a job at Woolworths and it was at this time where we saw the need for a more sustainable future. People were caring more about what they were using in terms of plastic vs reusable materials, how their fruit & vegetable were being packed and supporting Australians. #SupportYourLocal

In May 2020, Tom and I (Brooke) were sitting outside Kickaboom Cafe in Glenbrook, Blue Mountains waiting for our morning coffee before doing our Nanna’s garden. After talking about what we wish were available and how we could make a positive impact on the world, the idea of Sustainabags came about. Throwing out ideas and random funny puns, we kept these ideas in our notes and just began the process of researching and finding out more information.

Through researching and trying to find Aussie products or products that were ethically sourced was extremely hard to find. We want to make people's lives easier with reassuring them that when you buy with us, you are spending your well earned money on an Aussie brand that supports local Aussies and small businesses and is great for the environment! 

All of our products are designed with love here in Australia and most of our product materials are sourced and manufactured here in Australia due to some materials e.g. Jute not being available here in Australia to manufacture. Although, all of our products are ethically sourced and we truly care about ethical business standards and prioritise environmentally friendly practices. 

We not only care wholeheartedly for the environment but we care for every human being. Within every brand or business, there is a team behind the name that truly makes it all possible. From the design, concept idea process and design approvals, to the cotton care tags, the manufacturing, sewing and screen-printing, every human put their heart and soul into making the final product possible and to be the best it can be during quite a long period of time. It’s taken a year of stop-starting, the life in-between and working hard but Sustainabags has always been at the front of our minds and we are so excited its out in the world for all to love and use.



We are so excited to bring to you a brand that’s supporting local Aussies with all products designed and developed right here in Australia, with the majority made on home soil too, or ethically sourced overseas.

We are all about giving back and supporting one another, so we would like to thank every LEGEND that has been involved in making this possible. Every purchase you make through Sustainabags, you are supporting all the local Aussies from the Blue Mountains, South Coast and Sydney and adding a positive impact on our Earth.

Giving back to the earth and our community one step at a time.

Much Love,

Brooke & Tom x