Fruit and Vegetable Pouch Bags


Our Sustainabags Fresh Produce Bags are all about helping the environment, to help stop using single use plastic in the supermarket and to support local Aussies by being both 100% designed and made in Australia.

Our 100% cotton produce bags are super light-weight, durable and has a 100% cotton drawstring closure to secure your fruit, veggies, nuts, granola and rice. 

They are perfect for not only grocery shopping but the large Produce bag can be used as a library bag, hold your makeup in and to pack and hold things within for school and work. 

Available in 3 different designs including Avocado, Orange and Banana

- Weight and size of individual bags

The small bag weighs 15g

 Dimensions: 21h x 15w cm 

The medium bag weighs 30g

Dimensions: 30h x 20w cm

The large bag weighs 40g

Dimensions: 40h x 30w cm 

- Washable - gentle machine wash cold

We are Proud to be 100% Made In Australia.

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