Back To School Bundle

Food Wrap:
Cotton Canvas Tote Bag:
Draw-String Bag (Large):


Our ‘Back To School’ bundles are launching today featuring our Cotton Canvas Tote Bag, Food Wrap and Produce Bag for $60, with FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60. 

• Our Cotton Canvas Tote Bag is available in ‘There Is No Planet B’ and ‘It’s Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy To Look After The Earth’

The perfect bag for swimming lessons, sport activities and books.

• Our Food Wraps are available in 3 different designs ~ Australiana, Ocean & Wildlife.

Sustainable, high-grade hygienic and cooling food wraps to keep sandwiches, wraps and lunches cool and fresh.

• Large Produce Draw-string Bag available in 3 different designs ~ Avocado, Orange and Banana.

Although labelled a produce bag, this bag is versatile for many things! A library bag, a change of clothes bag or even a toiletries.
100% Australian made from 100% cotton in the lower Blue Mountains.

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