Reusable Food Wrap

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Designed in Australia inspired by Australia with our wildlife animals, natives and the ocean. Our food wraps are ethically made Overseas in Collaboration with Aussie Artist Samuel Hall. 

Available in:

Australiana - Inspired by our beautiful Australian wildlife

Ocean - Inspired by our beautiful sea life 

Wildflower- Inspired by our stunning Australian natives

National Geographic has estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year. We all need to help reduce or eliminate single use plastic products as they are one of the biggest contributors to the massive amount of plastic pollution on our planet.

Sustainabags is an eco-friendly reusable food wrap for not only sandwiches, buns, rolls, bagels but you can use it for drink poppers with freeze blocks, to put your snacks and even to hold your fruits like oranges, kiwi fruits and lemons to protect it from bruising and to keep fresh. 

It eliminates the need for single use plastic food wrap and ensures lunch boxes are waste free and environmentally friendly. It is designed to fit a standard sandwich and has a Velcro closure which ensures it is fully adjustable with a nifty velcro enclosure and has a waterproof internal liner that safely protects food.

Compared to beeswax wraps that only last approx. 6 months and can only be wiped clean with cold water, our Sustainabags wraps last a lifetime with its hygienic waterproof internal liner that not only safely protects food but it keeps your food fresh. Our food wraps can also be washed in the kitchen sink, however wiping clean with a damp cloth  with an eco-friendly soap after use works perfectly and the way we would recommend as its super easy yet hygienic! 

Our Sustainabags Food Wrap offers an alternative to single use plastic. Single use plastic takes us space in our landfills and can enter the ecosystem. By using our Food Wrap you are keeping your lunch box waste free. 


- Wipe prior to first use

- Wipe clean with a damp cloth after use

- Can be washed in your kitchen sink

- Do not use abrasive or harsh chemical 


- Durable, waterproof food safe liner

- Manufactured from non-toxic materials that are lead and BPA free


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