Pastel Rainbow & Cloud Set


Our Rainbow & Cloud Silicone Baby Food Sets are NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Orders, which will arrive end of November, just in time for Christmas!

Delivery: Please note we will receive these end of November and will be ready for deliveries Aus-wide the first week of December. 

Our pastel silicone suction sun bowls and plates are perfect in making the transition to eating solids easier for both you & baby, and much cleaner!

A smart design for cleaner meal times with a lid to keep the food fresh and mess free. The rainbow plate is divided into three sections with a transparent lid and a heavy duty suction on the base.

The sun-shaped bowl, has an adorable happy face with the nose of the face functioning as a handle to open it. The lid also has a tiny hole to allow for steam-release if heating in the microwave.

The Honeypot sip and snack cup is perfect for the transitioning between snack-time and drink time, with an easy-to-use straw. There is also another snack cup included which has a transparent lid to protect the snacks when on-the-go or if storing in the cupboard and is collapsible. 

Spoon and Fork have wooden handles for baby to easily grasp with a soft silicone feeding piece.

The Cloud place mat sticks to the surface and has an area at the bottom to place the fork and spoon in. 


Our products are designed for easy cleaning; you can simply rinse under running water, wash them with your dishes and can even place them in the dishwasher! 

100% high-quality food grade silicone, free from BPA, Phthalates, Lead, PVC and any other nasties.


1 x Fork and Spoon Set

1 x Rainbow Suction Plate with transparent lid

1 x Snack and Sip Cup with Straw and 2 x different lids

1 x Collapsible Snack Cup with transparent protector lid

1 x Sun Suction Bowl with lid 

1 x Cloud Place Mat 

1 x Bib 

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